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Cable Production

BICC Cables, which has been producing low voltage cables for power and control for more than 27 years, is currently launching a new line of business to include medium and high voltage cables in its Egypt-based factory. It is considered as one of the finest in the market. The production meets international standards and is therefore exported to multinational companies according to their desired requirements. Read more >

Granulated Fertilizers Production

Futurefert is one of the first factories in Egypt, to use steam granulation technology to produce fertilizers mainly NPK. The company uses state of the art technologies that guarantee homogeneous production and ensure that each granule produced contains all the nutrients required in the formulation. Quality control is one of Futurefert’s priorities! Read more >

Fertilizer Trading

Mediterranean Fertilizers is the fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials selling arm of the Group. It sells fertilizer raw materials, especially rock phosphate, in bulk and containers to multinationals located in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, India, etc.
Its fertilizers are also sold to different countries mainly in East Africa through our local companies and to North Africa, West Africa & Europe. Read more >

Logistics & Mining

2 companies of the Group ensure the logistics and mining activities.
Amana for Trading & Mining ensures the crushing & mining and the logistics related to rock phosphate purchased form the Egyptian mines to international markets. Read more >

Sima Al Oula ensures the logistics related to rock phosphate purchased from the Jordanian mines to international markets. Read more >

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Latest News

Our BICC Cables company, currently is launching a new line of business and expanding its production to include in addition to the low voltage cables, medium and high voltage cables. This strategic expansion aims to cover the segment cabling, offering a more comprehensive selection of cables to meet diverse market needs and to provide a turn-key solution in this segment. Furthermore, we aim to expand our MENA and international sales market.

Recently, we have been working with “Al Wadi Al Gadid Co for Mineral Resources” in Egypt for phosphate crushing. We have diligently conducted comprehensive geological studies, sampling and analysis on an extensive land parcel. After successfully completing the exploration phase, we have now progressed to the exploitation phase. It brings us great pride to announce that we are granted approval for the exploitation and imminent extraction of rock phosphate.

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